How did Aspire Ballet Intensives come about

In 2007, I decided to make a career change. I auditioned for various dance programs in London and got accepted to the Royal Academy of Dance BA in Ballet Education program. So in 2008, at the ripe old age of 27, I quit my Finance IT job, and enrolled in a ballet teacher program with other students nearly 10 years my junior.

I was very different from my fellow colleagues. I did not continuously dance since I was 3. I do not have a ballet body. I (still) can only barely get my legs to 90. I had the wonderful support of my teachers who taught me that, yes, being genetically gifted would be great, but there is also hard work, and most importantly motivation. The desire to improve. Broaden the horizons. Get exposed to different types of techniques. Find out what works for you and what doesn't. And do not discard what doesn't work now - it might work later. Or it might work on other people. Creativity is not only about choreographing, but also devising different ways of explaining the same thing to different people.

I did my RAD exams, learned the entire syllabus (Pre primary through to Advanced 2), graduated in 2011, then family plans became a priority. I wanted to start a family (tick tock goes the biological clock...), and it just wasn't the right time to become a freelance ballet teacher. I went back to my IT job with the promise of stability, but I was still dancing. I kept attending classes, I was still dancing with Balletomane (directed by Natalie Krapf, one of the teachers of Aspire Ballet Summer 2018), and still attended summer intensives, both in the USA and UK.

UK summer intensive courses started to pop up, and they were mostly performance based. They were a lot of fun, I had the social aspects checked off as I was on home soil spending all week with my friends. The teachers were great. A lot of these courses were taught by ex or current professionals and it was an inspiration to be taught by them and watching them demonstrate how things should be done. I was dancing repertoire, I was dancing in costume and I managed to get friends and family to see me perform in London. It was great fun. The only thing that was missing was the sense that I had improved during the week.

So I decided that I would not put it off any longer. I would try to take the wonderful experience of the intensives I had in the USA and bring it to London for Summer 2018. Scott has very kindly agreed to make the trip to London to teach and share his EBAS and ballet work, and I had also got Natalie on board.

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