A new addition... and kicking up a gear!

It's been a month since my last blog post.

And the reason is that... I've had a new baby!

This is my second baby and he was born at the end of March. The past 2 weeks has been a bit of a blur but also enjoyable. I've been reminded of all the baby things and learning to take care of a new human all over again.

I've been lucky to have met EBAS before my last pregnancy. Following the birth of my first child I started doing EBAS regularly and I found that it really helped me with rebuilding my core strength and getting my pelvis and spine realigned. Childbirth brings a lot of changes to the body and using EBAS has helped me get back into my body.

This time around I've started doing EBAS every day since my baby was one week old. I'm already feeling my spine is longer and I've got less stress in my shoulders. When I walk past the mirror I give myself a little check and notice my pelvis is already level without having to consciously think about it.

I've set myself a challenge to do EBAS at least 5 days a week to the run up of the summer course. I have the luxury of doing so because I'm on maternity leave, so I know not everyone will have the opportunity and time to gear up their training in such a way. However, if you are planning to do our summer course, or any summer course for that matter, I would suggest you start thinking about increasing your training now.

It is still a few months until the summer months of July and August, yes. However if you want to ramp up your training gradually, start planning now. This way you can do gentle increases. Start gently this month with an extra half hour of some pilates / yoga / gym time, or give yourself an extra kitchen counter barre work on a non class day, or even some theraband exercises in front of the TV. Then gradually add classes or other activities in the coming months etc. That way you won't get into July realising you haven't prepared at all, and you go into the course having not actually prepared for it because you've run out of time. Or you start ramping up too much too quickly and ended up injuring yourself just before the course starts. Nobody wants that!

So if I leave you with one thought today, is start planning. Start thinking about how you want to prepare for the summer. I'm doing EBAS 5 days a week, and I'm going back to class tonight too! (If I manage to get out of the house...).

What about you?