And... that's a wrap!

Today was the final day of our first ever Aspire Ballet course, where a week of dancing, exploring, and new understandings, culminated with a performance in front of family and friends.

It has been a real pleasure and privilege to work with Scott, Natalie, and all the dancers. It has been a fulfilling week, dancing with such supportive, inquisitive and dedicated friends. There has been huge transformations in the way that each and everyone one of us are dancing. More lifted. More animated. Calmer. Finding more space in our body. Growing and glowing.

The challenge now is when we go back to our normal classes, to not slip into old habits, constantly rewiring and re-patterning so that what we've learnt this week will become new habits.

Looks like we are all looking forward to 2019! If you are interested, sign up for our newsletter so I can let you know dates as soon as they are set.