Back to class, back to the familiar. Or is it?

This week I had my first “regular” class back since the summer. It’s nice to settle back into the old rhythm. Back to the studio, the familiar commute, life is back to “normal”. But I had expectations for first day of new term. I wanted to see how I am, after the summer.

In an ideal world I would have kept up with my EBAS regularly, embedding all the good things that I learned in the summer course and repatterning my body ready for the new term. But reality is that baby is velcroed on me most of the time so I’d be lucky to go to the toilet on my own, let alone an hour of EBAS uninterrupted.

But all is not lost. I went back to pointe class a few nights ago and had some pleasant surprises. I managed jetés en pointe sideways to the barre, which for some bizarre reason I was absolutely terrified about before. I managed a few pirouettes in the centre. They weren’t great, I fell out of a few of them, I was probably in panic mode when I prepared for the pirouette instead of being calm and serene that I should have been aiming for. I don’t think I spotted, and I don’t think I remembered what my arms were doing. But I went around on a few of the pirouettes. And I haven’t hurt anything. And most importantly I can now pin point that those are the things I need to work on and I know what mental cues I can use next time.

I still have much more activating / reactivating to think about, pelvis forward, lengthening, widening the scapula, etc etc etc, but mentally comparing how I danced this week vs last class of last term, I definitely felt a difference in the way that I was using my muscles. Looking forward to next week already.

How was your start of term?

Dancer hat off, admin hat on. These last few weeks I’ve been researching venues for Aspire Ballet Summer Course 2019. Watch this space, as I should be sending out save-the-dates soon for it!