All change! Venue update, and sale extended!

It only seemed not so long ago that I announced the dates for the summer course 2019. And yet here we are, it’s nearly June, the weather is starting to get nicer here in London, we are getting some sunshine and summer is getting nearer and nearer!

Earlier this month we have had some sudden news that the ENB studios at London City Island are unable to host us, due to overrunning of building works. Cue mad dash around town to secure another venue for our course, as I am determined to make this happen for you all.

We are very lucky to be able to find last minute studio spaces at West London School of Dance studios (you can see their facilities here), for 14-19 July. On the last day, 20 July, we will be at The Great Hall at The Urdang, The Old Finsbury Town Hall (details here). We will be in this big beautiful studio for our final performance, which is going to be a luxury as it’s not often than recreational dancers get to dance in a big space.

In light of this late venue change, I have decided to extend the sale period for 2 more weeks. Price of the course remains unchanged.

As always, any questions on anything related to the course, please do let me know. If there are any issues with finances and funding, send me an email through the contact us form, or through Facebook. Let’s get in touch and we will try to work something out.

On the personal front, I have been managing to go to class weekly (ish). I would have loved to keep up the EBAS work but sadly life and work has been in the way. Hopefully things will calm down, we can find more space within ourselves and do more preparation for the summer. Exhale and Dive, until next time!

And... that's a wrap!

Today was the final day of our first ever Aspire Ballet course, where a week of dancing, exploring, and new understandings, culminated with a performance in front of family and friends.

It has been a real pleasure and privilege to work with Scott, Natalie, and all the dancers. It has been a fulfilling week, dancing with such supportive, inquisitive and dedicated friends. There has been huge transformations in the way that each and everyone one of us are dancing. More lifted. More animated. Calmer. Finding more space in our body. Growing and glowing.

The challenge now is when we go back to our normal classes, to not slip into old habits, constantly rewiring and re-patterning so that what we've learnt this week will become new habits.

Looks like we are all looking forward to 2019! If you are interested, sign up for our newsletter so I can let you know dates as soon as they are set.