Course overview

Dates: 12 (Sunday) - 18 (Saturday) August, 2018

    Venue: Feathers Association
    12 Rossmore Road
    NW1 6NX

    Closest Underground stations: Marylebone, Baker Street
    Bus Routes: 13, 82, 113, 139, 189 and 273


    Daily timetable is planned to be as follows, subject to change:

    Day 1 (Sunday)
    9-10am Check in
    10-11am Orientation
    11am-12noon EBAS
    12noon-1:30pm Ballet Class
    1:30-2:15pm Lunch
    2:15-3:30pm Workshop
    3:30-4:30pm Stretch

    Day 2-6 (Monday - Friday)
    9:15-10:15am EBAS
    10:15-11:45am Ballet Class
    11:45am-12:45pm Pointe & Variation 1 / Lunch 2
    12:45-1:45pm Pointe & Variation 2 / Lunch 1
    1:45-3pm Workshop
    3-4:30pm Group choreography
    4:30-5pm Stretch

    Day 7 (Saturday)
    9:15-10:15am EBAS
    10:15-11:15am Ballet Class
    11:15am - 12:15pm Group Choreography
    12:15 - 1pm Variation 1 & 2
    1-2:30pm Lunch
    3-4:30pm Studio Performance


    Instructor: Scott Putman

    We will start each day with EBAS. EBAS stands for Elemental Body Alignment System, a series of exercises designed for structural integrity and supported range of motion. Through anchoring and initiating movements via the pelvis, the body discovers its ability to efficiently articulate movement through experiential anatomy.

    The work deepens the students understanding of where movement comes from, how to align the body and to build a physical consciousness of open pathways of energy for movement. The system helps the learner to override the central nervous system creating new neuromuscular firings supporting a greater understanding of sensorial technique.

    For further information, visit the EBAS website here.

    This short video shows Scott explaining what EBAS is, how it works, and how it is able to improve ballet technique.

    Ballet Class

    Instructor: Scott Putman

    Ballet technique class will follow EBAS. We do not have an audition for the program but it is necessary to have had experience in ballet, to a minimum of Intermediate level.

    Pointe & Variations

    Instructor: Natalie Krapf

    Pointe & Variations class will be split into 2 levels - Intermediate and Advanced. We believe a smaller class size will be beneficial as more individual attention can be provided. We want everyone to enjoy the class, dance safely and to keep a consistent pace.

    Pointe shoes are not mandatory for this class. Those without pointe experience can take this class in soft ballet shoes. We request that students to have had pointe experience in order to take this class en pointe, and may request students to change into soft shoes should safety become an issue.

    Students can also opt to take pointe technique in pointe shoes but do the variation in soft ballet shoes.

    Students will learn a classical variation throughout the course of the week.


    Instructor: Scott Putman

    Workshops are an opportunity to deep dive into individual aspects of ballet technique. The following topics will be explored throughout the week:

    • Alignment
    • Use of neck and head
    • Use of shoulder and arms
    • Pirouettes
    • Use of leg, knee and hip

    Provision for Male Students

    Currently we have scheduled to have 2 pointe classes. Unfortunately the venue only has one studio so we are unable to offer a Men's class this year.

    Male students are very welcome to:

    • Take the pointe class en pointe
    • Take the pointe class in soft shoes and learn the variation
    • Take the pointe class in soft shoes and opt out of the variation

    Please contact us in the first instance if you are a male student and we can discuss options. If I have enough interest from men I might be able to change the plans and offer something for the men specifically.


    Instructor: Scott Putman

    Scott will be creating a piece of original choreography on participants of the group.


    Instructor: Scott Putman

    Each day ends with a stretch and restorative session.


    On the last day of the course, we will stage a performance of the variations and group choreography in the studio. A limited number of friends and family would be invited to watch due to space restrictions.

    The performance will be filmed and shared with participants after the course.

    Performing in either the variations and group choreography are highly encouraged but not mandatory.

    Private Lessons

    Private lessons will be available at the end of each day at an additional fee.


    We do not have accommodation included in the program.

    However, here are some hotels around the area close to the studio. Note that we are in no way affiliated with any of the below hotels, nor have we visited them. We suggest you wait to book your hotel room only when your enrollment is confirmed.

    Near Baker Street:

    • Travelodge London Central Marylebone
    • Somerset Hotel
    • Americana Hotel

    Near Paddington, 1 tube stop / 20min walk away :

    • easyHotel Paddington
    • Point A Hotel