Course overview

Dates: 14 (Sunday) - 20 (Saturday) July, 2019

Venue: English National Ballet, Hope Street, London City Island, E14

For a preview of what the facilities will be like, check out the ENB site here.

Fee: £500. Please refer to this page for full payment details.

Transport: Canning Town (Jubilee Line and DLR)


Daily timetable is planned to be as follows, subject to change:

Day 1 (Sunday)
9-10am Check in
10-10:30am Orientation
10:30am-11:30am EBAS
11:30-1pm Ballet Class
1-2pm Lunch
2:15-3:30pm Alignment Workshop
3:30-4pm Foot Workshop
4-4:30pm Stretch

Day 2-6 (Monday - Friday)
9:15-10:15am EBAS
10:15-11:45am Ballet Class
12-1:15pm Men's technique / Pointe & Variation Int / Lunch Adv
1:15-2:30pm Pointe & Variation Adv / Lunch Int
2:45-4pm Workshop
4-5:15pm Group choreography
5:15-5:45pm Stretch

Day 7 (Saturday)
9:15-10:15am EBAS
10:15-11:30am Ballet Class
11:45am - 12:30pm Group Choreography
12:30 - 1:15pm Variation Adv
1:15-2pm Variation Int
2-3pm Lunch
3-5pm Studio Performance

Entry Requirements

There is no audition process for this course. However we do require participants to have had experience in ballet.

You will be asked to indicate where your training is at on the application form. This is to allow for our teachers to plan the classes.


Instructor: Scott Putman

We will start each day with EBAS. EBAS stands for Elemental Body Alignment System, a series of exercises designed for structural integrity and supported range of motion. Through anchoring and initiating movements via the pelvis, the body discovers its ability to efficiently articulate movement through experiential anatomy.

The work deepens the students understanding of where movement comes from, how to align the body and to build a physical consciousness of open pathways of energy for movement. The system helps the learner to override the central nervous system creating new neuromuscular firings supporting a greater understanding of sensorial technique.

For further information, visit the EBAS website here.

This short video shows Scott explaining what EBAS is, how it works, and how it is able to improve ballet technique.

Ballet Class

Instructor: Natalie Krapf, Scott Putman

Ballet technique class will follow EBAS. We do not have an audition for the program but it is necessary to have had experience in ballet, to a minimum of Intermediate level.

2 levels will be available for ballet technique. For purposes of planning please indicate on the application form where your training is at.

  1. 1 year+ training. Understanding of the basic body positions, port de bras. Working on single pirouettes, two foot jumps.

  2. 2 year+ training. Progressing on spatial awareness, body positions, body alignment and connecting steps. Progressing on single pirouettes, travelling pirouettes and two foot jumps.

  3. 4 year+ training. Ability to understand and pick up moderately complex combinations. Adding epaulment in the centre and performing adage elements on one leg. Starting to try for double pirouettes, grand pirouettes in attitude and arabesque, one foot jumps and simple batterie in allegro.

  4. 6 year+ training. Combinations getting longer and complex with change of direction. Single and double pirouettes are strong, more batterie in allegro, incorporating the use of head and port de bras.

  5. 8 year+ training. Long and complex combinations with change of direction and intricate timing. Double and triple pirouettes are strong, able to move through all the body positions in combination. Incorporating batterie in long allegro combinations.

Pointe & Variations

Instructor: Natalie Krapf

2 levels will also be available for pointe work. We believe a smaller class size will be beneficial as more individual attention can be provided. We want everyone to enjoy the class, dance safely and to keep a consistent pace.

Pointe shoes are not mandatory for this class. Those without pointe experience can take this class in soft ballet shoes. We request that students to have had pointe experience in order to take this class en pointe, and may request students to change into soft shoes should safety become an issue.

Students can also opt to take pointe technique in pointe shoes but do the variation in soft ballet shoes.

The session will be a pointe class at the beginning of the week. The focus will be on building up towards a classical variation, to be performed at the end of the week.

For purposes of planning please indicate on the application form where your training is at for pointe work:

  1. 2-footed work (rises, relevés, échappés and posé / piqué) facing the barre.

  2. 2-footed work sideways to the barre, 2-to-1 footed work facing the barre. 2-footed work in the centre.

  3. 2-to-1 footed work sideways to the barre and in the centre. Working on pirouettes and travelling pirouettes.

  4. 1-to-1 footed work (1 to same leg and 1 to other leg) sideways to the barre and in the centre. Pirouettes are strong and working on doubles. Working on hops en pointe.

Men's Class

Instructor: Scott Putman

Men's class will concentrate on men's virtuoso technique, and also working towards a men's variation to be performed at the end of the week.


Instructor: Scott Putman, Natalie Krapf

Workshops are an opportunity to deep dive into individual aspects of ballet technique. The following topics will be explored throughout the week with Scott:

  • Alignment

  • Use of neck and head

  • Use of shoulder and arms

  • Pirouettes

  • Adage

  • Allegro

Natalie will lead a workshop discussing use of feet for pointe at the beginning of the course. This workshop will also be useful for gents in terms of foot strengthening.

Group Repertoire

Instructor: Natalie Krapf, Scott Putman

Students will learn a piece of group choreography.


Instructor: Scott Putman

Each day ends with a stretch and restorative session.


On the last day of the course, we will stage a performance of the variations and group choreography in the studio. A limited number of friends and family would be invited to watch due to space restrictions.

The performance will be filmed and shared with participants after the course.

Performing in either the variations and group choreography are highly encouraged but not mandatory.

Private Lessons

Private lessons will be available at £35 for 30mins. You can book multiple private lessons through the course, subject to availability.

Prefer a shorter day? Or you can only join us for a few days of the course? We can tailor the program for you and discount the fee accordingly.

Contact us for a discussion and we will make adjustments for you.

* Refer a friend discount can still apply.

Flexible Options

Feedback from 2018

Here are what some of our participants said about our course in 2018:

I was very satisfied with the course and particularly being able to apply the EBAS principles in class on a daily basis. The class format was relatively basic but that enabled focus on the technique and I felt stronger, injury-free and energised at the week’s end.
Really enjoyed it. Something residential would have been better if possible. It all went very smoothly. Well done May for organising such a great course.
I liked having the opportunity to participate in part of the course, allowing me to benefit from the classes on my own terms. I found the level to be right for me throughout the week. I thought it was great to have a much slower day.


The price of accommodation is not included in the programme.

We have secured a special rate for our participants at the Ibis London Canning Town (10 mins walk from studio). When you register for the course, a room booking form will be emailed to you. You need to complete the form and return to the hotel in order to make the reservation.

Here are the terms and conditions:

  1. The rates are single occupancy for £90 per night, or double occupancy for £95 per night. This includes Wi-Fi and breakfast.

  2. The rates will be applicable from check in on 13th July 2019 (Saturday), to check out on 21st July 2019 (Sunday).

  3. To guarantee a room, you will need to make reservation with the hotel by 14th June 2019.

  4. Rooms can be modified or cancelled free of charge until 5th July 2019 inclusive.

  5. You will need to provide credit card details on the form, but the card will not be charged until arrival.

  6. No payment will be taken prior unless no-show or cancellation after the deadline.

  7. If you wish to stay beyond these dates, i.e. check in on 12th July or before, or check out on 22nd July or after, you will be charged the rate that is publicly available at time of booking. Check the hotel website for the latest rates available.

You will need to contact the hotel for any room booking related queries. Of course feel free to keep us informed if you have any issues and we will try our best to assist.


Lunch is not included in the program. We suggest participants bring a packed lunch daily.